A historical overview based on personal notes and memories


For a longer time I contemplate if I should attempt the time-consuming endeavor of putting the story of the formation of a club that once meant the world to me in writing. I look down to the three beautiful dogs who are sleeping at my feet. At that moment I know that this club is part of the Eurasier history in North America and, as such, should not just disappear unrecorded at some time since this breed is an incredible one. Its fanciers, future breeders and future club officials deserve to have a source to consult, to learn how everything started here in the United States of America, and particularly how the United States Eurasier Club, Inc, USEC for short, evolved.

We write the year 2022 and almost 16 years have passed since the USEC’s Inaugural Meeting. It will be tedious work to go back, look through old files and notes and to put all the puzzle pieces together again. Thousands of pictures taken by me during many privately organized Eurasier meetings and during the Annual Club meetings will help  bring back memories, I am sure.

Since the initial club founders but one are no longer a part of the current Board and are no longer intimately involved in the club work, it might be helpful for the next generations of club management to learn what was of great importance to the founders, and to learn about the background of the club and its principles. For me personally, latter is one of the most important reasons for this project.

Now – where to start and how to structure this project is another story. I guess everything will evolve while I write. I cannot guarantee 100% accuracy, neither will I rule out personal impressions that will flow into this article. This internet version will be a much shorter one too than the one I am writing down in length - but enough words, let’s get started.


Joy Skye-7115


This article is under construction and will grow as I continue to write it. So check in occasionally to see it grow and to see galleries of club and personal meetings over the years