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Big Sky Rocky Mountain Sansa of Montana

My Montana Treasure

Several years now I have dear friends in Montana. One, a breeder of Eurasiers, flew to Austria a couple of years ago to bring home a handsome male, Bel Ami von der Traunseebahn whom I really love. Particularly his temperament is marvelous. So the thought arose to get one more dog into my life to have a four pack again - and it should be a Bel Ami daughter. I was so lucky that the litter had several females and so we limited more and more who would come to live with me. In the end, the breeder and I decided between two of the girls and my husband Dave flew to Montana to spend a couple of days in the beautiful State, become acquainted with Sansa and then bring her home.
What an alert and upbeat pup she is. With her antics she has already convinced Ziva and Vienna that she belongs to the pack. She will have to work a little "harder" with "Queen Skye". Our hearts are full of happiness and our faces are smiling.....

Big Sky Rocky Mountain Sansa of Montana: About
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