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Our Passion - Tracking

After our little - by now 6 year old girl - came to us from Germany, we quickly noticed that she is one smart girl that needs stimulation, wants to learn and wants to be busy. So Skye attended two puppy classes where she learned all her basic commands and enjoyed playtime with other puppies. We found a tremendous place in our area with just the right instructors who used the right methods. We enjoyed it thoroughly. But what to do next?? Looking at the school’s schedule and thinking about the fact that Skye’s mother, grandmother and sister all enjoy tracking, we thought that is something to try out! And right we were. The school has a great tracking instructor who has vast experience and makes tracking a lot of fun! He teaches the humans as well as the dogs equally well. By now, we have joined an area Search and Rescue Team..... after lots of training for Skye and me (I am concentrating not to end up flat on my face while running behind Skye who is following her track).  Skye passed her Canine Good Citizen test and may now participate in the Rescue Team’s Meet-and-Greets. Sansa was also evaluated and may participate in SAR Training and Meet-and Greets also. We hope that, one day, we can get her certified as a Search Dog. Vienna has joined us now too, attended a class for air scenting and tracking and occasionally joins us at our trainings.

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