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Pacific Coast's Vienna Wolfsong Dignity of Lakota

My Little Canadian Wolf

After we lost our Eurasiers Enya and Joy within 3 months, my pack was reduced to two dogs. I felt the void. I decided to add a puppy to the pack again.  “Pacific Coast Vienna Wolfsong Dignity of Lakota” - a long name for such a small puppy. For me the name with many meanings.  Her call name is Vienna. David flew to British Columbia and took “Vienna” home to us from her breeder Judi Neumeyer. Vienna is a smart little girl who learns quickly. She loves Skye whom she plays with endlessly. She is fond of Ziva too - but Ziva stays out of the wild chases.  Vienna was born on October 27, 2019. So she is still my baby.
Unfortunately, she came to us right before the pandemic started and we were unable to join any puppy classes with her which she would have enjoyed a lot, I am sure. But we have nature galore where we live and Vienna enjoys the outside. And she likes the water!!!! We have recently started to train with her to develop some Air Scent and Trailing abilities

Pacific Coast's Vienna Wolfsong Dignity of Lakota: Product
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