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Our dogs play such a huge role in our lives. They are part of our family and each and every one of them has a very special personality. A more detailed description of each of them is given on their individual pages.

Alpha-Laika vom Tal der Raben

laika portrait 1.jpg

The Dog of a Life Time

“Laika”, the dog of my lifetime, the Queen and former alpha canine and leader of her pack. She always ruled with dignity and commanded respect. Laika was such an intelligent dog, we spoke without words and she could read my mind - I will never ever forget her.

Miss America Maja von der kleinen Blaike

DSC_1076maja portrait.JPG

The Sweetest Girl

“Maja” - always a smile on her face which was indicative of her sweet personality. (photo B. Post) She was such an affectionate dog, following me, where ever I went in the house. She was my little shadow and she will forever have a special spot in my heart.

Northstar's Belle Ode To Joy

Joy-0110 - Copy1.jpg

My Forever Wolf Girl

Joy”, our wolf girl, who was Laika’s daughter inherited many traits of Laika’s personality. It showed more and more as she matured. Very calm, very vigilant, protective, and careful she took over the leadership of the pack. She was the most special dog and I miss her terribly.

Enya vom Rhein-Neckar-Dreieck


The Polar Bear 

“Enya”, our “white wolf” was with us from 2008 to 2019. She conquered our hearts in no time. She was  such a happy dog, we loved her to pieces. She was an active girl who loved to have fun: She was outgoing, be it with other dogs or with people. Running freely over the fields was her favorite.

North River's Mystique Ziva

Ziva sm-9005_edited.jpg

The Calm Center of the Pack

“Ziva”, the little black beauty joined our pack in February of 2012. She has matured nicely. She guards the property and alerts us to any stranger or anything else unusual. Ziva is a snuggle dog and is still active despite her age. She meets her family with a lot of love.

Jolene Skye von den Wolfswiesen


My Best Partner - The Boss

In September 2017 “Jolene Skye“ joined our pack. Dave picked her up from Bavaria, Germany. She is a very smart girl and passed her puppy classes with flying colors. She passed her CGC test and is actively working with me as a tracking dog which is a lot of fun.

Pacific Coast's Vienna Wolfsong Dignity of Lakota


My Little Canadian Wolf

Last but not least, let me introduce Miss “Vienna”. She was born in October of 2019 in Vancouver. Dave traveled to Canada and picked up this little girl. She is a spitfire, has endless energy but is very particular with whom she trusts. Since the enjoyed Skye's training, she now started to train too with tracking.

Big Sky Rocky Mountain Sansa of Montana

Yard Life-1972_edited.jpg

My Montana Friendship Treasure

"Sansa", born in March of 2023 - my last Eurasier treasure in this life as we all get older. She is a symbol of a special friendship with a wonderful and wise friend. Sansa is now with us for six months and has a firm place in our hearts. She is sweet, very observant and  smart but ohh, what a whirlwind.

Our Dogs: Females
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