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Alpha-Laika vom Tal der Raben

The Dog of a Life Time

Laika was born in Scharnstein, Austria in October of 1999. She was bred by Prof. Dr. Kurt Kotrschal, President of the Eurasier Club Austria (ECA). We picked Laika up in Austria when she was 11 weeks old and she flew with us on a non-stop flight from Munich to Philadelphia.
Laika was a medium size female, 52 cm shoulder height, full of substance, with a harmonic built. She had a full coat and her color was falben (cream). As her name already indicated Laika was the Alpha in our dog pack.  She was very confident and displayed a lot of dignity. She was never fearful but was slightly reserved with strangers. She was an observant guard dog but nevertheless very calm. In her social behavior with other dogs she was definitely dominant. Laika was very attached to our family. Communication seemed to be possible without words. She was a great girl!
Laika was hip and elbow certified, patella and eye checked. She was the proud mother of our A and B litters. Laika was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease in May of 2007 and passed away in July of 2007. We miss her incredibly.......She was my once-in-a-life-time dog.

IMG_5289laika small1.jpg
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