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Northstar's Belle Ode To Joy

My Forever Wolf Girl

Nordstern’s Belle Ode to Joy was born on June 29, 2004 here in our family. She was the daughter of our “Laika” and part of my stellar second litter. Joy was a 53 cm tall medium- size female with harmonic proportions. She had a striking wolf-grey coat. Joy was extremely loving with her family, she was always close to us and loved to cuddle. With strangers, however, she was reserved and suspicious. She was very alert and guarded the house well. Her dark voice sounded quite impressive. Joy was careful in her interaction with other dogs and watched out for her pack. In winter Joy loved the snow like all Eurasiers and in summer she enjoyed her time in the water. She was hip and patella certified as well as eye and thyroid tested. After the death of her mother she had taken over the Alpha role in our pack and led it with dignity. I was and am so very proud of this girl. Joy was highly intelligent and understood every word.

Northstar's Belle Ode To Joy: Females

06/29/2004 - 05/28/2019
Run free, little wolf-girl, over the rainbow bridge, and let the wind caress your soft fur. Wait for me on the other side ~ I will follow and we will be together again.

I had to say good-bye to my "soul dog" Joy at the age of 14 years and 11 months. She leaves a gaping hole in my heart and I will try to find a way to live with it. Born at our house, into my hand, daughter of my beloved Laika who left so early. Joy had big shoes to fill - she became the leader of the pack - with dignity and pride and the innate ability to command respect. Nobody dared to challenge her.

We were so close. She read my mind, I read her eyes. Communication without words - endless dedication and unconditional love on both sides. The wolf-girl and I were one.
Even during her last hard days her eyes searched for mine - for guidance and approval in a world that had become painful and confusing to her.

Almost 15 years. My heart is shattered. Until we meet again..

My pack lost its leader....Ziva and Skye are am I.........

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