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North River's Mystique Ziva

The Calm Center of the Pack

And here we introduce “Ziva” who was born in Massachusetts on December 12, 2011. When she was born I already had three Eurasier girls but what can I say? Eurasiers are my passion, I could not envision my life without them. They are my world.... and this little girl tugged at my heartstrings. And she was black, a color that I have started to love. And there she was....a black Eurasier girl and I knew that this tiny little girl should join my pack.... Ziva who was lovingly called “Terror on Four Paws” - I assume you can imagine why - she kept me on my toes. By now, she is 12 years old.  She is a beloved part of our pack. She is reserved with strangers but very affectionate with her family. Her coat is very thick and shiny, she loves to lie outside on the deck, even in the cold and in snow overlooking her kingdom making us aware of every intruder.

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