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Miss America Maja von der kleinen Blaike

The Sweetest Girl

Our Maja was born on April 23, 2002 in Kevelaer/Germany. We picked her up from her breeder, Mrs. Annelie Feder, former president of the Eurasier Klub Weinheim, Germany (EKW) during our summer vacation back home in Germany.
Maja was a medium size, 51 cm high, female of harmonic built. Her coat was full, her color rot-falben (red and cream). Maja was an agile dog. She liked to play and was full of energy outside. Inside she displayed the calm characteristic Eurasier behavior. She was very eager to please and sensitive. In her social behavior with other dogs Maja was uncomplicated. She was not dominant but fearless. She was very observant and a good guard dog although she kept her barking at a minimum. She was friendly and outgoing with strangers and loved children. From day one she was very attached to my daughter Vanessa. They have always been best friends. Vanessa christened Maja “Whirlwind Tornado Puppy”€.  We loved her dearly. Maja was hip-certified, patella, eye and thyroid checked. She was the proud mother of our C-litter. Maja left us in January of 2017 at the proud age of 14 years and 9 months. She died of old age and passed away calmly and without pain.

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Miss America Maja von der kleinen Blaike: Females
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