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We Are Back!

A longer time has passed since my last blog entry. Unfortunately, shortly after Sansa joined us, I had an accident that ruptured ligaments and tendons in my right index finger. That, of course, was rather unpleasant and came at the wrong time. After surgery I had to pause tracking training and was rather “helpless” with only one functioning hand. But by now I do my best. Sansa and I went to puppy class, Sansa was evaluated for Search and Rescue work and we are finally out there again catching up with some training.

I think the training break was not that bad for Skye as she seems to enjoy tracking more again, critters less and did a good job at her past two training sessions. The little map shows the path the subject took (in blue) and the trail Skye took to find the subject. Fun!

Being out there is so good for me, I am looking forward to my retirement so that I have all the time in the world to be working with my dogs (so my health will).

Sansa has started with little intensity trails to find a subject. She is following the track slowly and is still very cautious when approaching the subject. The reservedness of the Eurasier comes into play. But it will surely get better in time.

Sooo – hopefully more regular blog posts in the future – Happy Thanksgiving!

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